Resignation rescinded: Daniels stays Miller mayor

Steve Chapman

Miller mayor Stacy Daniels rescinded her resignation at the July 11 meeting of the Miller Board of Aldermen and continues on as mayor.
According to minutes from the meeting, Daniels had tendered her resignation, but then decided to rescind it; as such, it did not appear on the meeting agenda. Alderman Christa Adams made a motion to put Daniels’ resignation on the agenda, and Alderman Amy Johnson seconded. The board voted to put the resignation on the agenda, so Daniels recused herself. Johnson, as mayor pro-tem, took charge of the meeting.
After some discussion, Adams made a motion to accept Daniels’ resignation. When none of the other aldermen seconded the motion, Johnson declared it dead for lack of a second and turned the meeting back over to Daniels.
 Daniels declined to answer questions about the matter.
“I do not feel it is in the best interest of Miller to continue discussing a moot point,” she stated in response to a media request. “Every day I continue to work on the city’s business and doing what is best for Miller.”
In other business, the board voted to pass an ordinance requiring attendance by members of the board of aldermen at town meetings, and an ordinance regarding speed limits in school zones during times school is in session. The board also voted to set up a required yearly audit with Decker and DeGood, and to dissolve an increase in the business license fee and resume the $5 fee.


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