Miller school bus crunched by tractor trailer in Highway 96 collision last week

Steve Chapman

Miller school officials and local emergency personnel survey the situation following a collision between a Miller school bus and a tractor trailer on Highway 96, Thursday, May 9. The westbound big rig failed to stop as the school bus, also westbound, attempted to make a left hand turn onto a county road. Minor injuries resulted from the crash that possibly totaled both vehicles. (Photo by Ryan Squibb)

Four suffer minor injuries, all refuse treatment at scene
No one was seriously injured when a tractor-trailer struck a Miller school bus on Highway 96 the morning of Thursday, May 9. The crash slightly injured the drivers of both vehicles and two students who were on the bus.
Brad DeLay, Lawence County sheriff, said the accident happened while the bus was attempting to make a turn off the highway.
“Both vehicles were traveling westbound on 96 highway,” he said. “The school bus was making a left turn onto Farm Road 1207 when it was struck by the semi, who was attempting to pass the school bus.”
DeLay also confirmed that all four people involved in the accident received minor injuries, and they all refused medical treatment. He could not confirm how badly damaged either of the vehicles were, but said he believed they would “probably be considered totaled.”
In response to the accident, the Miller R-II School District posted a notice on Facebook.
“We are aware that one of our buses has been involved in an accident on 96 Highway, near Halltown,” it said. “There were only two students on the bus, and everyone was ok.”
DeLay said the accident showed the need for drivers to be mindful of their speed while traveling.
“Pay attention,” he said. “Drive the speed limit. Don’t be in such a hurry to get where you are going.”


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