Miller Mayor-elect Adamson demands early swearing-in

Steve Chapman

Threatens current board of aldermen with legal action
Miller Mayor-elect John Adamson interrupted a meeting of the Miller Board of Aldermen on Thursday, April 8, to demand that he and the incoming Board of Aldermen members be sworn in and allowed to take office immediately after the results of the April 6 election were certified, and threatened legal action against members of the current board if it was not done.
In a video shot during the meeting, Adamson could be seen arguing with Stacy Daniels, the current mayor, who was mostly heard off camera.
“So, you want to sue the city for doing something that is improper, to certify an election that hasn’t been certified yet?” Daniels was heard asking.
“Here’s what I’m going to do,” Adamson replied. “I’m going to sue the members of the board that OK’ed it, and if you read the audits properly, you would see that those recommendations were directed to the members of the board, period. That’s it. That’s my intention, and not to sue, if you will, the city. I just want to make sure that we are allowed to get in the office and take over, rather than waiting for two weeks. A lot of things can be done in two weeks.”
Daniels told Adamson that Darlene Parrigon, city attorney, would not be available until Wednesday.
“And what does that matter?” Adamson replied.
“We can’t do it without an attorney,” said Daniels. “She’s the one who does the oath of office.”
Adamson said that the oath of office could proceed without Parrigon.
“Denise (Robertson, city clerk) can do the oath of office, and so can Garrett,” he said, pointing to Alderman Gary Baker.
“How can I do that, I’m not a clerk,” Baker replied.
“He’s not Mayor Pro- Tem,” Daniels added.
Daniels then addressed the board.
“Aldermen, you can decide exactly it is that you want to proceed with this,” she said. “I’m telling you that I think that Darlene should be present, and if Wednesday is the first available time that she can be here, then it should be on Wednesday.”
Adamson said he would settle for Wednesday, but Daniels said it would depend on whether “everyone was able to” be there.
“Oh no, there is no if’s,” Adamson replied.
“Either do it or not.”
Someone off camera then said Wednesday would not work because there wouldn’t be a quorum.
“This is ridiculous,” Adamson said. “We should be sworn in as soon as that certification comes in tomorrow.”
After some further discussion, Daniels said the conversation was over.
“I am still the mayor, and you will not hijack this meeting any longer,” she told Adamson.
Adamson then held up a phone, on which he said he had a magistrate from Springfield on the other end of the line. Daniels continued speaking.
“We have not ever certified at the next meeting,” she said. “I understand that the certification had already been done. This meeting is the regularly scheduled meeting, and it has not been certified.”
In another video, Adamson was seen re-entering the meeting. He held up his phone and said he had a judge on the other line who said the city clerk could administer the oath of office. Daniels said that it was not on the agenda and asked a Lawrence County deputy sheriff present to escort Adamson out if he did not “come back into order.”
Neither Daniels nor Adamson had replied to a media inquiry about the meeting as of press time.
The videos can be seen at the YouTube channel “reporterjamesmcnary.”


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