Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Candidates

Roscoe H. Miller Jr

Darlene Fern Parrigon

The following are candidates for Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney:
Roscoe H. Miller Jr.

Age: 52
Occupation: Attorney (currently full-time Lawrence County assistant prosecutor)
Education: Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas School of Law
Family: Aurelian and Crystal Sennett (two grandsons), Gabe and Sage Adcock (one granddaughter), Langley Miller (daughter), Roscoe "Tripp" Miller III (son)
Why should someone vote for you? Experience. Currently a full-time assistant prosecutor in the Lawrence County Prosecutor's Office; 19 years of felony criminal law work. I will ensure a seamless transfer of authority in the office once Don Trotter becomes judge, ensuring there is no lapse in services to the victims of crimes or delays in holding the criminal accountable. I will already know all the cases. I will not need time to familiarize myself with any case on Jan. 1, because I will have already worked the cases.
Service. I spent 24 years, to go along with four overseas deployments, serving the citizens of this country as a soldier in the military, so when I say that service to the public is a calling, the citizens of Lawrence County don't have to take my word for it, they can look to my military history and see, because actions speak louder than words.
Safety of our community and Lawrence County citizens. I have successfully worked with every law enforcement agency in the county.  Helping every police department in the county, deputies from the sheriff's office and highway patrol officers obtain search warrants.  Then taking the evidence provided and prosecuting criminals they investigated and arrested. I intend to continue to do joint training with the area law enforcement departments to ensure a positive working relationship.
Change. I currently work for Don Trotter, but I have my own ideas about how the Lawrence Prosecutor's Office handles cases. If elected, many changes will happen immediately upon my taking office, others will be phased in over the next couple of years. Most immediate is implementing vertical prosecution in cases involving children and serious assaults ensuring better victim service by the prosecutor's office. 

Darlene Fern Parrigon

Age:  48
Occupation: I've been a legal secretary, paralegal, law clerk and now own my firm as sole attorney at Parrigon Law Office, LLC. in Pierce City since 2008. I've been appointed as the attorney for the 39th Circuit Juvenile Office by Judge Goodman and his successor, Judge Cole since 2014. I started as a municipal prosecutor in Pierce City in 2009. The number of cities I've prosecuted for has varied and I've prosecuted up to 13 cities at any given time. 
Education: I grew up and graduated from Monett High School in 1991. I started my legal career with on-the-job training as a legal secretary with a local criminal attorney handling misdemeanors and felonies in 1994. While working full time and raising my children, I attended MSSU (formerly MSSC) in Joplin and graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice administration. I continued to work part-time as a law clerk while I attended law school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After graduating with my juris doctor and passing the Missouri bar to obtain my license, I've consistently participated in classes and training in excess of the minimum 15 hours of continuing legal education required of all practicing attorneys.     
Family:  I am very proud of my three children; Brittany Weston, Brandon Weston and Clay Parrigon. My daughter, Brittany is an attorney practicing in the state of Pennsylvania. My son, Brandon is married to his wife, April and they were stationed in the US Army with his son, CJ in Washington.  Both Brittany and Brandon graduated from Monett High School. My youngest, Clay graduated from Pierce City High School and currently attends State Tech in Linn, seeking a degree in automotive technology. My dogs, Simba and Boomer as well as my cat, Tigger make the transition of my children establishing their adult lives much easier. 
Why should someone vote for you? Aside from my decades long legal career, I also believe that a qualified prosecutor must be involved in and invested in the community she serves. Having relationships with people in our community helps to foster trust which has a positive impact on moving cases swiftly through the criminal justice system. I have been involved in various events, organizations, and other aspects of the Lawrence County community for years including my involvement with the reestablishing of the Lawrence County CERT Team. More information about my professional and personal qualifications can be found at my website: I invite everyone to review the information provided and if they have any questions, I’m available to discuss either electronically or by telephone 417-476-5546. 



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