Gulleys washed

A GMC Terrain driver wrongly chose to ford the flowing water near the intersection of Landrum and Alice, which swept the small SUV across the road rendering it helpless. In the vehicle were reportedly four adults and a baby, all of whom made it out safely. On the scene for the water rescue, the second of the day, were the Mt. Vernon Police Department, Mt. Vernon Fire Department and a handful of helpful citizens.
A police report of the incident was not made available by press time.

A back hoe is brought on scene to help the situation on Landrum, which had turned into a heavily flowing canal.

The wash way on the south side of Mt. Vernon Boulevard is flowing full steam, even to the bottoms of buildings. More rain followed the heavy precipitation, as 1.02 inches fell on April 26, and 1.85 inches fell on April 28. (Photos by Ryan Squibb)

Torrential rainfall in Mt. Vernon leads to water rescue, sudden flooding issues around town
Nearly five inches, 4.8 to be exact, of rain fell on the Mt. Vernon area the early afternoon of Thursday, April 25. The downpour flooded ditches and even roads throughout town where flooding is often an issue.


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