Five Everton felons charged with rape, other crimes stemming from kidnapping

Steve Chapman

All suspects still at large, sought by authorities
Five people have been charged by the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office with several crimes, including rape, assault, kidnapping, sodomy and sexual trafficking. Wanda Maggard, James F. Maggard, Jr., David Arnold (a.k.a. Browning), Zackery Wade and Donnie Lee Willis, all of Everton, are all charged with multiple felonies.
According to the probable cause statement in the case, a woman called the Lawrence County dispatch and told them that her daughter had been raped, and that one of the men who did so was still at the house where the crime had allegedly happened. The deputy investigating then spoke with the victim, who stated she had been raped and taken against her will on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 20.
A search warrant was conducted on the home where the crime allegedly took place;
 home was found to have recently been cleaned, all the trash was taken out, new sheets were on the beds and a Bible was left open on the living room table.
The woman stated she had left her home and gone with Wade, 28, and they stopped to get a drink for her at a convenience store. She reported Wade went into the store and bought her a Dr. Pepper. She began drinking it and within minutes, felt under the influence of some type of drug which made it hard for her to put her thoughts together.
She lost consciousness, but later became aware she was in a house. She said Arnold, 45, James Maggard, 33, and Wade were all injecting themselves with drugs, and Arnold and Wade held her down while James injected her. Arnold allegedly then tried to force her to perform oral sex on him, but she bit him; Arnold then allegedly raped her. The woman reported that James Maggard and Wade also raped her at various times throughout the evening and injected her with narcotics. She also said her ankles were bound with a belt.
At one point, the woman said Wade put her in his car and they left the house; Wade then picked up Wanda Maggard, whom the woman said she believed Wade picked up to watch her while he was doing “pushout” thefts at stores. The woman said she remembered being at Menard’s in Springfield and attempting to get the attention of a law enforcement officer, but was unable to do so.
They returned to the house in Everton on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 21, where the woman said she saw people burning trash from the house. She said she became sick in the yard; she was then approached by a woman identified as Amber Willis, whom she said helped her to the house next door and gave her some medicine to help her with the nausea.
Later, the woman said Donnie Willis, Amber’s father, injected her with narcotics, took her into his bedroom and raped her, and then injected her again. She said she remembered waking up with Willis in his bed the next morning.
The deputy reported the woman was taken to a hospital in Springfield where she was given a medical examination and a rape kit was collected.
The deputy reported interviewing David Arnold on Thursday, Aug. 22. He stated Arnold said he received “consensual oral sex” from the woman, and he also watched James Maggard and Wade have intercourse with her on the bed and in the shower. The deputy stated Arnold also admitted they all shot up with methamphetamines that night.
The deputy also said he spoke with Amber Willis, who said, “I was afraid that my father would get in trouble because he had sex with (the woman).”
The deputy also reported viewing security footage at Menards; he said he saw Wade, Wanda Maggard and the woman entering the store; the footage showed the woman holding her hands up and looking into the security cameras as she entered the store. He also spoke with officers on duty at the store, who remembered the woman.
The deputy stated Wade called him on Aug. 26; he said Wade admitted to being with the woman on Aug. 20; he said he went to hang out with some friends and remembered seeing “someone out in the yard that they were hanging out with.” The deputy said he made an appointment to meet with Wade to get his side of the story, but Wade didn’t show up for the appointment.
In the probable cause statement, the deputy said he later received a phone call from Wanda Maggard and attempted to set an appointment to speak with her, but she also never showed up for it.
On Aug. 27, deputies from the sheriff’s office served a search warrant on Willis’ house, where they found underwear which the victim later identified as hers, and a sunglasses case containing a used syringe and a filter which tested positive for meth.
While the deputies were executing the search warrant, Amber Willis called Donnie Willis and told him to get back to the house. Willis arrived and walked normally, until Amber told him he was about to be arrested. He then started walking with a limp and claimed to have fallen off of a ladder. Medical personnel took Willis to get medical care; the deputy stated that Willis admitted to medical staff that he’d used meth “about a day or so ago.”
Charges were filed against each of the suspects on Friday, Sept. 6. Arnold and Wade are charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, first-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping and delivery of a controlled substance.
James Maggard is charged with the same crimes, as well as an additional charge of first-degree rape. Donnie Willis, 55, is charged first-degree rape, first-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping and delivery of a controlled substance; he also faces a charge of second-degree domestic assault in a separate case.
Wanda Maggard, 53, is charged with first-degree rape, first-degree assault and first-degree kidnapping.
Each suspect has prior felony convictions. Arnold was convicted of unlawful use of a weapon in 1992, involuntary manslaughter and stealing in 2000, distribution and manufacturing of a controlled substance in 2001, possession of a controlled substance in 2014, DWI in 2015 and unlawful possession of a weapon earlier this year.
Wade was convicted of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with a motor vehicle in 2012. James Maggard was convicted of second-degree assault in 2004, possession of a controlled substance in 2014 and operating a motor vehicle without a license in 2015; he was convicted of child abuse in Kansas in 2016.
Donnie Willis was convicted of stealing and second-degree arson in 1999, second-degree burglary in 2005, forgery in 2010 and distributing/manufacturing a controlled substance in 2011.
Wanda Maggard was convicted of forgery in 2004.
As of press time, none of the suspects were in custody; anyone seeing them is asked to call the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office at (417)466- 2131 or 911. As a rule, civilians should never approach or attempt to apprehend suspects.


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