Brashers named Mt. Vernon School District’s April MVP

Shown above, Tammy Brashers receives her MVP plaque from Mt. Vernon Board of Education President Danny Bowling after she was named April MVP for the school district. (Photo submitted)

On Thursday, April 18, the Mt. Vernon School Board presented Tammy Brashers with the April MVP Award. Brashers is a third grade teacher at Mt. Vernon Intermediate School.
When nominating her for MVP, some of her peers said:

“Tammy Brashers exemplifies the spirit of lifelong learning and dedication to her craft as an educator. With 32 years of teaching experience under her belt, she continues to seek out opportunities for growth and improvement. Despite being a veteran teacher, she remains open-minded and eager to embrace new training opportunities, such as LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling). What sets Mrs. Brashers apart is her unwavering commitment to her students’ success. She recognizes that investing in her own professional development directly benefits her ability to support her students effectively. Her only complaint would be that she is not in the classroom on those days and has to get a sub.
Mrs. Brashers’ attitude of being “all in” when it comes to learning underscores her dedication to her profession and her students. By prioritizing ongoing learning and improvement she sets a powerful example for her colleagues and inspires a culture of continuous growth within her educational community. Her willingness to embrace new opportunities and approaches demonstrates her genuine passion for teaching and her unwavering commitment to helping students thrive.”

“Tammy Brashers’ approach to her career is truly commendable. her commitment to maintaining a positive attitude is not only a testament to her resilience but also to her dedication to the profession. by recognizing that negativity may signal a need for change, she demonstrates a self-awareness and willingness to prioritize the well-being of herself ad those around her. My bet is she will decide to retire only when she gets a new title- Nonni, Grandma, Grammie, etc., because I cannot imagine her ever being negative.
Moreover, her contributions to the school community extend beyond the classroom. Hosting a weekly prayer meeting and sending out prayer emails shows her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can find solace and encouragement. Celebrating life milestones with others and ensuring everyone feels included reflects her compassionate and inclusive nature. Tammy’s presence in the hallways where she shares laughter and words of encouragement with colleagues highlights her ability to uplift others even on challenging days. In doing so, she creates a sense of camaraderie and support that is invaluable in any educational setting. Overall, Tammy Brashers’ commitment to positivity, community, and support exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding educator and a truly remarkable individual. Her impact reaches far beyond the confines of her classroom, enriching the lives of those around her and contributing to a thriving school culture.”

“Tammy Brashers embodies the essence of leadership through her actions and character rather than relying on formal titles. her leadership style is characterized by humility, empathy, and a genuine commitment to serving others. By consistently leading by example and approaching her work with a servant heart, Tammy sets a high standard for those around her. Whether it’s volunteering for family nights or offering assistance to colleagues, she demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of her school community.
Tammy’s leadership extends beyond the school walls as she actively engages with professional organizations such as MSTA (Missouri State Teachers Association) and GOSCD (Greater Ozarks Cooperating School Districts). her involvement in these organizations not only reflects her dedication to her profession but also her advocacy for educators and students on a broader scale. Moreover, Tammy’s commitment to staying informed about legislative issues affecting education and taking acting by contacting legislators underscores her advocacy and proactive approach to addressing challenges facing the education system.”


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